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Tabular alumina enhancement alumina ceramics - manufacturer of alumina production Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-23

alumina has a wide range of applications, which can be used as ceramic material, produce alumina ceramics. This kind of alumina ceramic has good conductivity, mechanical strength and resistance to high temperature.

alumina ceramic because of its superior performance, increasingly extensive application in the modern society, meet the needs of in daily and special performance.

alumina factory USES the method to control the microstructure of alumina, the alumina materials with different particle size of tabular alumina particles, to improve the mechanical properties of alumina ceramics. Manufacturer of alumina research result shows that after joining tabular alumina particles, the flexural strength of alumina materials got obvious improvement.

therefore, alumina factory started to produce this kind of tabular alumina to improve the physical properties of the alumina ceramics. Further research, alumina factory get tabular alumina particles reinforced aluminum oxide ceramics, only when the size is greater than the critical size can have the enhancement effect. Then with further increase of tabular alumina particle size, the larger particles and fine granular matrix combined with intact, causing low grain boundary strength, in the case of a force, combined with the interface first, unable to transfer the stress to the tabular alumina particles, can cause the strength and toughness of alumina ceramics.

alumina factory production of a variety of alumina, its usage is also complex, different varieties of alumina used in different fields, to produce products with superior performance.

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