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Tabular alumina - manufacturer of alumina production Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-12

alumina has various varieties and can be applied to all kinds of industrial production of alumina factory, found that control the microstructure of alumina, is made of super fine powder as initial raw materials, change of alumina materials, can improve the mechanical properties of alumina ceramics, as a result, alumina factory started to produce tabular alumina.

alumina manufacturer is studied from the Angle of fracture mechanics, increase the strength of the material and reduce the brittleness of the products is consistent, therefore, the direction of the alumina factory to improve the product should be reduce the stress concentration of the crack tip, such as crack increase with the decrease of the size of the crack and the radius of curvature.

alumina factory after experiment, produce a kind of tabular alumina, the tabular alumina particles reinforced aluminum oxide ceramics, only when the size is greater than the critical size, can be enhanced effect. With further increase of tabular alumina particle size, the larger particles cannot be combined with fine granular matrix in good condition, due to low grain boundary strength, under the condition of the received force, due to the combined with low interface strength, the first breach cannot transfer stress to enhance phase.

therefore, manufacturer of alumina production to some extent, this kind of tabular alumina can improve the performance of the alumina ceramic, enhance the flexural strength and fracture toughness of alumina, however, there is a certain limit its particle size, manufacturer USES fine powder raw material, and adding effective sintering additives, can reduce the sintering temperature, and inhibit the grain growth, thus fine granular material is prepared.

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