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Technical status quo of alumina factory - abroad Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-03

we always said that domestic alumina technology relative to foreign relatively backward, so what is the manufacturer of alumina production technology abroad? What are the advantages? Today we learn about the.

alumina manufacturers abroad generally with sanshui diaspore and soft diaspore monohydrate as raw material, adopts the bayer process for production. Manufacturer of alumina with bayer process for processing high al-si ratio of bauxite, the whole process is simple, low cost, high product quality. Its economic effect than alkali sintering process, the joint method and acid method and other methods. Manufacturer of alumina in dealing with soluble sanshui LvShiXing bauxite, the advantages of the bayer process is more outstanding. More than 90% the alumina manufacturers in the world are produced by bayer process is used to.

so, foreign manufacturer of alumina is gradually developing what progress and improve? First of all, alumina factory equipment to the direction of large-scale, automation, energy conservation, the entire production process more economic and environmental protection, the energy consumption in production process has also been reduced. Second, alumina manufacturers will join in the production of a variety of additives, greatly promote the development of some minerals. Finally, the manufacturer of alumina production also in further improve product quality, alumina factory has been working hard to improve the purity of alumina, to meet the higher demand of electrolytic aluminium industry technology development.

foreign alumina factory still trying to improve the quality of alumina to meet the other USES of alumina, appropriate of Shanghai xin chemical import alumina supply Australia, more products please consult the appropriate Shanghai xin chemical industry.

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