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Technical status quo of sodium nitrate manufacturers to develop new products Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-18

sodium nitrate in glass, enamel, chemical industry plays an important role, because the sodium nitrate is dangerous goods, the state controls further strengthening of dangerous goods, lead to the output of sodium nitrate in the stranded on the market status, sodium nitrate manufacturers need to study the production process, develop more practical production technology of sodium nitrate.

sodium nitrate manufacturers according to their own existing equipment situation and surrounding areas supply situation, the glauber's salt alkali as the main raw material of producing sodium nitrate, add some sodium carbonate as adjusting the quality of the products at the same time, to reduce production cost, enhance the market competitiveness of products.

sodium nitrate manufacturers will dilute nitric acid as acid from high in the neutralization reaction tank after tank measurement, neutralization reaction tank in nitric acid fluid control at about 30%, according to the added amount of nitrate in proportion to add the grave neutralizing tank alkali, alkaline should slow, roof caving, in order to prevent the solution at the same time opening mixer and neutralization liquid circulating pump, and into the coil steam maintain reaction temperature inside the tank.

and the liquid of the PH value reached 5. 8, stop soil alkali, soda ash to adjust the PH value. After the manufacturer of sodium nitrate ions analysis solutions, and adding suitable amount of barium nitrate, removal of sulfate and carbonate ions in solution, the upper clear liquid into the finished product liquid storage tank, the bottom of the suspension by pressure pump to the filter for filtering. After entering the evaporator, after cooling for solution, sodium nitrate crystallization precipitation.

sodium nitrate factory application of this technology through the piston push material centrifuge separation can be sodium nitrate production, mother liquor can re-enter mother liquid trough, recycling.

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