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Ten borax manufacturer of carbon alkaline water production process of borax - improvement Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-08

ten water borax manufacturer in China for carbon, alkaline or manufacturing process for further innovation depends mainly on the boron ore grade is low in our country, reserves concentration etc. , increases the difficulty for manufacturing borax products, processing and high cost, low profit.

so-called carbon alkaline or is using boric magnesium ore, soda ash, carbon dioxide as raw material, under certain conditions from manufacturing borax, ten detectable manufacturers to further improve the carbon alkaline water, effectively improve the production efficiency of borax.

first, borax manufacturers choose ten water solubility of high carbon dioxide as raw material, to ensure the production process of the borax had enough carbon dioxide gas, in addition, 10 water borax manufacturer also in carbon when adding suitable amount of the activator solution, in order to strengthen carbon solution reaction.

and, ten water borax factory using existing limekiln gas to increase the total pressure of carbon solution, to ensure the production of pressure in the process of free adjustment, but note that ten water borax factory according to the specific operation to control the pressure change in the process of production.

at the same time, the ten water borax factory have to improve the preparation equipment of borax, intensify the study of crystallization cooling efficiency. The whole process will produce a certain amount of boron sludge, in order to improve the economic benefit, 10 water borax to use these boron slag, the boron sludge can be used to produce compound fertilizer. In addition, ten water borax manufacturers in developing back-up resources.

10 water borax factory attaches great importance to the sustainable development path, improve the economic benefit, and realize the rationalization of the utilization of resources, will further adjust the production process of borax.

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