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Ten water borax factory - how to choose Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-02

borax, also called coarse borax, appearance is colorless crystal or white powder, there are 10 water, the five water and zero points, under normal circumstances, ten borax can meet the needs of industrial water, but ten water borax factory how should choose?

10 domestic water borax production capacity of more than 400000 t, it is not only an opportunity for ten water borax manufacturer, is also a challenge. Tibet's natural borax ore, for example, a lot of ten water borax factory here is using the improved filtering method and precipitation process, with natural borax ore as raw material through leaching, slag liquid separation, decoloring process such as purifying, cooling crystallization, dehydration separation was ten water quality borax. The technology adopted by most of the ten water borax factory, in this way produce borax, yield reached 93%, the purity can reach 95%.

in recent years, our country ten detectable demand continues to increase, water for ten water borax manufacturer, to further improve technology, independent research and development, and implementation of technology industrialization. The competition between domestic water ten borax will only become more and more fierce.

ten water borax domestic manufacturers a competitive at the same time, some imported borax also joined in. It is for ten water borax manufacturers added some challenges.

small make up here to tell you, choose the manufacturer shall choose of ten water borax manufacturers, factory business license, and other security documents is necessary.

select one of ten water borax factory, later a long-term cooperation agreement, this is very important for every buyers of oh!

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