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Ten water borax factory using carbon alkaline or making borax - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-31

borax is one of the important inorganic raw material in the domestic, borax factory ten water combined with the specific conditions, generally USES the carbon alkaline producing borax, after many improvements, carbon alkaline or borax production process has been very adept.

10 detectable manufacturers adopt carbon is alkaline soda water solution into carbon dioxide, decomposition after boron minerals by borax. The whole process needs two aspects, preparing boric magnesium ore of calcining and carbon alkali reaction.

because boric magnesium ore structure is more complex, so the actual production has certain difficulty, ten water borax factory after the experiment proves, to calcine boric magnesium ore is a necessary condition for carbon alkali decomposition, but is also very important. Ten water borax factory to calcine boric magnesium ore, make it lose crystal water, carbon dioxide released, makes close boric magnesium ore become loose and porous structure, it is easy to crush, increased the boric magnesium ore powder of specific surface area, increase the content of boron trioxide.

carbon alkali reaction, because involves the carbon dioxide gas, liquid soda solution and solid boric magnesium ore powder three-phase reaction, so the process is relatively complex, reaction principle and the method of the legal system of boric acid carbonate are quite similar.

10 water borax manufacturers in the production practice, constantly improve the carbon soda production process, according to the reaction mechanism, adjusting the concentration of the ions in the solution, promote the diffusion of boron, has obtained the good economic benefits.

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