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Ten water borax manufacturer of borax - test method Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-21

10 borax factory in produced water after ten water borax to detect borax, borax factory ten water at present there are two main types of detection method of borax, microscopic analysis and weak acid crystallization reinforcement.

micro crystal analysis is under the microscope using specific crystal material under certain conditions, the preliminary, directly determine its existence. Borax is usually white or microstrip light grey crystals, glass luster, increases with the increase of temperature solubility. 10 x40 times in a microscope, the dried crystals present typical monoclinic crystal, 10 water borax factory is looking at these typical monoclinic crystal to determine borax content of the sample analysis.

10 water borax factory USES weak acid reinforcement method is to analyze the principle of the boric acid and mannitol generated complex acid after reaction, such as establishing hydrolysis equilibrium, according to the reaction before and after the change of solution pH value to determine of borax in the solution. This method for the chemical measurement, the method will be refined, can build a kind of detection of borax and half quantitative and qualitative methods.

these two methods can also be applied to analysis of borax in food, ten water borax factory is also working on a better detection method of borax, believe some ten water borax manufacturers have found more properly detection methods, to learn more about ten water borax knowledge is the appropriate consulting Shanghai xin chemical co. , LTD. !

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