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Ten water borax manufacturer to product continuous research - add anticaking agent Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-20

borax on industry is of great use, domestic production of borax is 10 water borax, namely ten crystallization water is contained in borax, borax agglomerate belongs to the normal phenomenon, but ten water borax manufacturer to take corresponding measures to prevent borax agglomerate, is to join inhibition agent.

10 water borax factory products, continuous joining in sodium fluosilicate inhibition agent, the agglomeration effect of products after batch production records. Ten borax factory found that the water to join the inhibition agent not only can be fully mixed, and the finished product and contains a small amount of the mother liquor of inhibition agent can also be mixed with other raw materials or semi-finished products are in the process.

10 experimental borax factory will produce products to the downstream enterprise of professional research, add anticaking agent of borax is very loose, without hard agglomeration phenomenon, at the same time, in the glass, enamel industry, due to production when high temperature calcination, so will not affect the smooth and gloss of the enamel porcelain, glass forming performance and quality are normal.

10 water through investigation and research on product processing, borax manufacturer to produce borax agglomeration degree is low, don't affect the use of the downstream enterprises. And, this kind of anticaking agent is surfactant, cheap, after using borax didn't too much increase the cost of production.

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