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Ten water in China - the sluggish development of borax manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-29

because of the resource conditions and historical reasons, borax enterprise in our country are mainly distributed in liaoning, jilin, Tibet, qinghai and other provinces, liaoning is one of the largest area, borax production accounted for about borax in China more than 90% of the total production capacity.

into the start of this century, our country ten water borax factory started mass production, mainly depends on the application of borax field expanding, demand is rising. Borax to produce ten water borax factory in China is the main consumption architecture, ceramics, glass and other industries. Imports in recent years, along with the influx of borax, ten water borax manufacturers in our country to face increasing pressure.

10 water borax factory development lag in our country, the reason is that there are objective factors, subjective factors. First, as the main production base in China, liaoning borax ten water manufacturer adopted by the raw material for fiber boric magnesium ore, the production cost is too high; The other Tibetan areas started late, restricted by natural and transportation; Third, relative to the backward production technology, the lack of corresponding technical support; Fourth, the product structure and the market demand gap is more and more big, our country water borax factory production of ten water borax structure is too single, cannot satisfy the needs of more industries.

ten water borax manufacturers in our country is trying to adjust the production structure, borax industry is booming, believe that future will be more broad.

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