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The 10 water borax factory development outlook - in our country Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-06

at present, 10 water borax factory of development is not optimistic in our country, the product structure and the market demand gap is more and more big, at the same time as imports the influx of borax, also give ten water borax factory has brought challenges.

borax industry in China is mainly with ten water borax is given priority to, with the influx of borax five water and borax, ten in our country the development of borax stagnation and falling profits. In the 1990 s, ten borax factory a lot of water in our country, occupy the market share of 90%, but dropped to 32% in 2009, imports of borax pentahydrate has a major market, after several years, our country borax industry mainly depends on the development of five water borax.

in recent 50 years, ten water borax factory adjusted for consolidation in our country, development is rapid, strong support for the construction of the national economy. But with the improvement of the consumption demand, borax factory ten water technology in China has already can't satisfy the needs of the market, the gap is becoming more and more big, the situation has become the key to the development of borax industry in China.

as a result, for ten water borax manufacturer in China, to establish the idea of keeping pace with The Times, targeting the market demand, to grasp the various trends in the field of consumption, in a timely manner to make the corresponding adjustment, the introduction of advanced technology, adjust product structure, contribute to national construction.

powers and boron resources in our country and our country's ten water borax factory should make full use of the boron resources, enhance the international competitiveness of China's borax.

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