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The 2013 global outlook is expected to grow 3 chemical industry. 4% - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-30

the chemical weekly report the American chemistry council, ACC) Pointed out that due to the recession, Europe and Japan to China's economic slowdown drag on the market demand, in 2013, despite the global chemical industry the development situation of expected good, but is still lower than the usual long-term growth rate. In 2013 the global chemical industry ( Besides the pharmaceutical industry) Production is expected to grow 3. In 2012 4%, higher than 1. 1%. Chemical products market reflects the vitality of manufacturing industry, the development trend of the European economic recession and the impact of slowing economic growth in China, 2012 gross $5 trillion global chemical business stops growing. Fast-growing emerging economies are still a major power, chemical products demand growth of 2012 4 chemical products demand growth in emerging economies. 9%. Growth is expected in 2013 6. 7 in 2014 and 8% growth. 6%. Chemical products demand in the developed countries in 2012 by 1%, in 2013 is expected to grow 1. In 2014 and 8% growth of 3. 1%. ACC prediction, low-cost supply of natural gas will make the United States to become one of the best countries in the economic situation in developed countries. In 2013, the United States, chemical products ( Besides the pharmaceutical industry) Output will grow 1. In 2012 9%, higher than 1. 5%. Manufacturing recovery weak hard to boost U. S. chemicals demand, economic recession and slowdown in China's economic growth in Europe also affected chemicals exports. With export markets recover, plastic resin business is expected to grow. Specialty chemicals production will be driven by the terminal market demand, especially for light vehicles and housing industry. In the long run, the increased gas supplies, raw materials cost advantage, the chemical industry's growth will be bigger than the growth of the U. S. economy as a whole. Over the past decade, expensive and volatile gas prices hit the industrial gas demand, make a lot of gas intensive manufacturing enterprises shut down. Shale gas, strengthen the competitiveness of the United States, will attract more investment, industrial development, create employment opportunities. Export growth is expected in 2013 the United States chemical 4. 7%, to $199. 7 billion; Growth of 6 in 2014. 6% to $212. 8 billion. 4 chemicals import growth is expected in 2013 the United States. 1%, to $197. 3 billion; Growth of 6 in 2014. 2% to $209. 6 billion. Pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals will continue to maintain the trade deficit, but will be a lot of growth, trade surplus and the basis of specialty chemicals and offset. Due to shale gas development, and so did the petrochemical and derivatives, investment in the next few years U. S. producers of capital investment will be increased significantly. The 19 2012 capital investment growth. In 2013 and 8% will grow by 14% to $43 billion. To 2015 years ago, the capital investment will maintain double-digit growth, then fell slightly. By 2017, the United States chemical industry capital investment will reach $64. 5 billion, more than twice as many as in 2007.

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