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The absorption of fluorine sodium silicate sodium ion in the mother liquor Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-22

sodium fluorosilicate is important fluorosilicate varieties, has a very important role in building materials industry, China's fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers are generally adopted method of sodium sulfate to produce fluorine sodium silicate, but the production process will produce a lot of mother liquor.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer production process of mother liquor contains many impurities, including sulfuric acid mass fraction of 4% to 5%, the quality of the sodium ion concentration about 4 g/L. A lot of fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers are using lime neutralization of sulfuric acid, neutralization sedimentation after water again for the phosphogypsum slag discharge.

this approach, however, increases the flow of waste water factory, water balance system is difficult, there are many security hidden danger, cause the waste of resources has also brought a secondary pollution, therefore, fluorine sodium silicate factory has been seeking a new processing method.

for the absorption of sodium ion in the mother liquor, fluorine sodium silicate factory after many experiments, has finally developed a complete method of absorption of sodium ions.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer fluorine sodium silicate, mother liquor can be treated by ion exchange method with ion exchange resin absorption of sodium ions, can enrichment of recovery of sodium, and will return to phosphate to mother liquid in addition to sodium ion exchange device, solves the problems of resources and pollution at the same time.

sodium fluosilicate vendors using ion exchange process has good absorption effect, high exchange rate, resin recycled recycling, etc, has been widely used.

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