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The activation treatment of boron

by:Yixin     2020-03-27
When we were in the preparation of boron calcium stone is going through a certain process, so the activation treatment is one of the, in order to make with more high quality of the products, we can prepared the following boron stone factory will in detail explain the knowledge for you: boron calcium stone when use demand activation treatment, also in the activation of phase 1, use makings solution first hydrogenated castor oil flow change agent powder. Activation stage 2 is under mixing conditions, will base solution - Hydrogenated castor oil powder mixture heat up to 43 ~ 53 ℃, 20 ~ 30 min, the process to be continued to make particle swelling. Then under the condition of mixing cooled to room temperature, with function of thixotropic secure boron calcium stone rheological structure. Borax factory on boron calcium stone is in the process of activation, temperature control is the primary. If beyond the highest activation temperature, when the cooling mixing, the hydrogenated castor oil and cannot constitute a thixotropic gel network will precipitate 'grain'. Same, low activation temperature and activation time continue to not line, will also appear this kind of condition. That is about the related introduction of boron, hope to be of service, in the course of everyday use would use the relevant knowledge, if you have any need, welcome to choose and buy
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