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The analysis of boric acid purpose - boric acid in China manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-17

boric acid in industry, agriculture, national defense and the modern science and technology has a wide range of applications, boric acid is the main application in industry application, so the production of boric acid is given priority to with industrial-grade boric acid boric acid manufacturer.

in recent years, with the rise and development of China's building materials industry, boric acid manufacturers in China also ushered in the new era, presents a pair of youthful weather.

industrial, boric acid main purpose is glass and enamel industry, and then light industry and daily chemical industry were also have application, on the mechanical and nuclear power industry also plays a role can not be ignored, boric acid can also be used to produce other inorganic chemical raw materials, for example, boron nitride, boron carbide and fluorine boride and other products.

in the glass industry, boric acid manufacturer has played a decisive role, in optical glass, glass apparatus, heat-resistant glass with boric acid, can effectively improve the glass of the thermal expansion, improve its heat resistance, compression performance, mechanical strength and light transmittance.

boric acid manufacturer know, boron oxide is as good as fluxing agent and network form, used to enhance the luster of the products and fast, so in the application of enamels industry is also very common, is one of the important composition of glaze and paint.

in the machinery industry, boric acid can be used as a corrosion inhibitor, lubricant, processing fluid, brake oil additives, such as in the computer. Cars, televisions and other electronic products will be used in the production of boric acid.

the purpose of the analysis of boric acid, boric acid manufacturer produce the amount of boric acid type on the market, walk in front of the market, can fully improve the income of enterprises.

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