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The application of inorganic flame retardant filler aluminum hydroxide - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-03

aluminum hydroxide is one of the most important inorganic flame retardant filler, it is just because of the aluminum hydroxide with smoke suppression, low corrosion and low price advantage, in terms of consumption, aluminum hydroxide to occupy all the first flame retardants.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers are bauxite as raw material, production process of bayer process. As fire retardant at home and abroad market mainly by ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide, the aluminum hydroxide is crystalline or amorphous white powder, crystal structure is composed of tightly packed hydroxyl ions, in the form of a double layer and aluminum ion is situated in the hydroxyl ion accumulation, in the formation of octahedral gap, nearly two-thirds of the space occupied by a aluminum ion, the close packing of hydroxyl ions form a layered structure, between adjacent two layers connected with hydroxyl ions formed by hydrogen bonds.

the aluminum hydroxide flame retardant filler is mainly applied to the free chlorine cable materials, composite insulator, copper clad and other industries, especially copper clad industry now is still in the golden period of development, and foreign to our country's strategic shift of the electronic industry and domestic communications and the rapid development of electronic industry, makes the demand of domestic copper clad laminates have been in a state of growth.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer controls the market, adapt to cable materials, insulators, as well as the development of copper clad industry, with chemical method to produce super-fine aluminum hydroxide flame retardant filler, after a series of transformation, production capacity gradually improved a lot.

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