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The approach of strontium carbonate - Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-11
5 ~ 2 hours of technology, which in addition to the amount of calcium supplements for 125 ~ 175%, the amount of theory can be used in addition to the strong hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid or nitric acid calcium,

3, pure strontium carbonate products are preparing strontium chloride purification liquid control heating to 50 ~ 80 ℃, in the presence of ammonium hydroxide ammonium bicarbonate added to a saturated solution of reaction process, in which ammonium hydroxide dosage control in 102 to 120% of the amount of theory, the content of the saturated solution of ammonium bicarbonate in 102 to 120% of the theoretical amount.

4, purification treatment is 8 ~ 12 n hydrochloric acid, control temperature in 60 ~ 90 ℃ dissolve reaction, reaction after fully join in addition to barium, then add ammonium hydroxide until PH = 6 ~ 8 process, including the amount of hydrochloric acid control in 103 to 110% of the amount of theory, in addition to the barium dosage control in the theory of 20 ~ 50%, can be used in addition to the barium chromate or potassium chromate sodium or potassium dichromate or sodium dichromate or ammonium sulfate.

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