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The basic knowledge of sodium nitrate salt - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-01

news network in sichuan yibin (October 24, Sabrina li) October 22, sodium nitrite poisoning rival south area, yibin city, killed two people and injured another. It is understood that after the related department in its home found a pack of sodium nitrite, open after confirmed by the test that is eating together events induced by sodium nitrite.

it is reported that two of the dead is a pair of husband and wife, li and zhang's and the injured is li li mou a so-and-so's mother. The family two people were killed and only son of working outside. , according to li mou a daughter-in-law, zhang x sometimes pick up something out back, 21 in the afternoon, she came back from outside like salt half a bag of white powder. 22 a family dinner with this bag & other; Salt & throughout; , result in the afternoon is not right, near the masses busily to send three people to hospital doctor. After the couple is dead, and li mou a poisoning symptom is light, and escaped.

after things happen, rival south district party committee, district government immediately zone, emergency office, rival, district public security bureau, eat food, health and family planning district center for disease control and other relevant departments rushed to the scene. Set up the relief headquarters at the same time, through the coordination group, medical and rescue group, the accident investigation team, logistics, quickly to carry out rescue the injured, find out the cause of the accident, follow-up treatment of related work.

after the incident, the local authorities will investigate the white powder away, and the local county-rural two-stage to Lebanese families sent 4000 yuan solatium, and assist to handle the affairs of the dead, for poisoning the villagers a proper support. At the same time, the agency to increase food safety propaganda, to safeguard people's lives and property security.

little knowledge:

nitrite: the floorboard of the kind of inorganic compounds, mainly refers to the sodium nitrite, sodium nitrite is white to light yellow powder or granule, taste salty, soluble in water. Look and taste like salt, and widely used in industry, construction industry. Consumption level: 1. Is to maintain food color effect, bright-coloured colour and lustre, make food color not darker becomes shallow. Used in curing meat foods. Add a small amount of nitrite as a preservative and toner, not only can anticorrosive, still can make the bright color of meat 2. Is can inhibit bacillus botulinum, and can prevent the oxidation of the fresh meat in air was gradually into beige degeneration of myoglobin, and to keep meat in the bright red meat shop also allows limited use as a hair color agent. The risk of food poisoning caused by the nitrate is higher. 0 in their diet. 3 to 0. 5 grams of nitrite can cause poisoning, 3 grams of lead to death.

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