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The bulk density of boron, a test method

by:Yixin     2020-03-28
Boron stone factory today is to introduce the test method and the bulk density of boron 1, utensils: 100 ml or 250 ml measuring cylinder. 2, scope of weighing 500 g to balance a ( Accuracy + 0. 5 g) 。 3, calculator. 4, a funnel. Test method: boron powder adding boron calcium stone with a funnel of measuring cylinder, add 100 ml of calibration, join after the plane should be 100 ml and scale line level, and then expanded perlite in the measuring cylinder in balance weighing numerical M are obtained. Loose unit weight calculation formula is: rho ( Density) = ( Quality) / V ( Volume) , the calculation results for units: g/cubic centimeters, if need to convert to kg/m3 multiplied by 1000. Boron powder particle size test method ( Suitable for 20 - 30 mesh perlite ore production of boron calcium stone) : this boron calcium stone should be particles is large, not much requirement on the screen, you just need to test under the screen content not to exceed bid, undersize material - standard requirements 80 mesh sieve, National standard sieve) < 10%. Test method: with an analysis of 80 gb of circular screen, within the screen add in 100 grams of boron calcium stone, will join the product analysis of the circular sieve into the flap type screening machine flap in screening out after 5 minutes, weighing of the percentage of the content of total quality.
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