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The chemical characteristics of petroleum sulfonate

by:Yixin     2020-04-11
Anionic surfactant. Molecular structure has a strong hydrophilic sulfonic group and hydroxyl phase coupling, surface activity is strong, good water solubility, in low temperature 20 ℃ containing 32% actives, cloud point ( When 25%) 3 ℃, the surface tension ( 1%) At 25 ℃ and mn/m, wetting force is zero. 1% aqueous solution at 20 ℃ for 8 s, 50 ℃ for 4 s. In alkaline, neutral and weak acid solution stability, is not sensitive to hard water. With suction deliquescence in powdered detergent dosage shoulds not be too much. Containing> 98% of the corresponding normal alkanes was C14 ~ C17 alkanes and right amount water bubbled into under uv irradiation in the reactor pressure is zero. 1 mpa SO2 and O2 mixed gas, SO2 and O2 molecular ratio of 2: l, sulfonated oxidation reaction under the temperature of 30 ℃, and the separation.
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