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The current situation of international trade - potash manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-12

at present, potash in global sales increase state, whether it is light, potash, or heavy qualitative potash sales are rising step by step, potash manufacturer has also been gradually expand production.

potash in the world mainly are from the United Kingdom, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, etc. , these countries few potash manufacturer, mainly depends on the domestic mineral resources, the country's total imports account for 75% of the world, and China will have potash imports, in recent years, China's potash imports have widened.

about potash exports, the world presented the orientation of export, mainly exported to state-owned Germany, Japan, Spain, South Korea, the United States and China. Germany, Spain, mainly exported to Western Europe, Japan are mainly exported to southeast Asia and other countries, places such as South Korea and China are mainly exported to Japan, the United States mainly Canada, Mexico and other countries of the market.

trade between countries, to how much resources as a fundamental factor, potash producer of technology and management mode for guidance.

in the international market demand for potassium carbonate, potassium carbonate manufacturers to invest in adding capacity, here, small make up to advise some potash manufacturer not blind expansion, eventually could easily lead to overcapacity, the international situation, before investing, potash, manufacturers must carry on the careful analysis, grasp market trends in the world.

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