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- the determination methods of alumina factory to product whiteness Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-12

alumina and aluminium hydroxide is the present two main forms of raw material, aluminum and aluminum hydroxide pyrolysis is still the product of alumina, alumina is particularly important.

alumina manufacturer of alumina whiteness measurement has its fixed standard, the standard of alumina under standard lighting body through a variety of blu-ray whiteness measurement of geometric conditions.

the degree of whiteness object color is white, the greater the whiteness values, is white, the greater the degree of the object is the reflection factor, the greater the fully reflecting diffuser whiteness is 100.

alumina factory according to the diameter and thickness of the sample plate as well as the size of the sample, the sample take a certain amount of samples, and then carries on the determination of three times, take the average. Before sample, alumina factory should be pressure injector parts for cleaning and drying, the sample into the pressure sampler, according to the pressure sampler operating procedures to neutralize sample board, is responsible for check the tablet in the soft light.

alumina factory in accordance with the whiteness meter operating processes, choose spectral response wavelength, warmed up to achieve stable performance, whiteness, respectively each sample plate.

according to the result of the experiment, alumina factory carries on the analysis, the determination of the reflection factor of sample board, and then determine the whiteness of the sample.

determine the whiteness of alumina, alumina manufacturer according to the continuation of the history of whiteness measurement, increase product variety, and the development of foreign trade.

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