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The development of Chinese alumina factory advice - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-07

in alumina industry in China has been developing rapidly in recent years, the rise of electrolytic aluminum, greatly promoted the alumina sales, in order to avoid the phenomenon of disorderly expansion, electrolytic aluminium industry of alumina factory need to follow the development of proposals.

first, alumina factory need to control the total scale of construction of alumina. Alumina industry are the raw material of resources, capital and technology intensive industry, manufacturer of alumina production process there will be lots of tailings and red mud, the environmental impact is very big. Bauxite is non-renewable resources, therefore, the manufacturer will need to control the scale of production of alumina, low level to prevent blind development and construction, causing the huge waste of resources.

then requires bauxite mineral resources department to conduct a comprehensive inspection, optimize the layout of the alumina industry, in the case of consent, strictly prohibited alumina factory to carry out the construction project.

next, some of China's emerging alumina factory must use the latest production technology, strict developing economies of scale in our country, does not allow some technological manufacturer production, lead to pollution and resource waste.

the most important, alumina factory in China must be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, unified management of mineral resources, in without approval of the competent departments shall not by himself bauxite mine. Alumina factory also want to strengthen the management of mine low set and balance of resources, optimize the allocation of resources.

alumina factory advice to follow development, improve the quality of alumina raw materials in China, the optimal management of bauxite resources, promote the development of alumina industry in China.

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