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The development of new technology make strontium carbonate bonanza

by:Yixin     2020-12-11

the Chinese academy of geological sciences comprehensive utilization of mineral research so industrial strontium carbonate as raw material, produced by chongqing TongLiang with industrial hydrochloric acid solution, dilute sulphuric acid Ba, Fe removal after strontium chloride solution, evaporation and concentration, cooling the solution crystallization, centrifugal dehydration SrCl2 & middot; 6 h2o, then SrCl2 & middot; 6 h2o dissolved, depth except Fe SrCl2 purification liquid; Then the purified liquid reaction with NH4HCO3 solution under certain conditions a certain period of time, after filtering, washing, drying, obtained the fluorescent grade strontium carbonate products, products of SrCO3 average content of 97. Direct recovery was 81 07%, Sr. 22%, the total recovery rate of 90 Sr. 33%.

in the middle of the nissan 50 kilograms of new fluorescent grade strontium carbonate test, on the basis of their preparation industrial test, a new type of fluorescent grade strontium carbonate scale for nissan 500 kilograms, received a qualified new fluorescent grade strontium carbonate products. After the user use to give a good evaluation. Industrial test results show that each production link of operation is easy to control, product qualified rate is 100%, and & other; 'Three wastes' & throughout; Process easier, and its production cost high purity strontium carbonate is about 15% lower than the same scale. As production technology, new fluorescent grade strontium carbonate preparation technology has been mature.

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