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The development of strontium carbonate

by:Yixin     2020-12-07

the overall plan of the future development of strontium carbonate industry in China, should be to follow the concept of circular economy, establishing safe, clean, funny, the security system of sustainable development, realize the industry concentration, give full play to the large-scale competitive advantage.

, according to the principle of resource saving and recycling economy, strontium carbonate production enterprises should form a scale advantage as soon as possible, according to the distribution of resources and market characteristics and the degree of industrial connection, form a cross-regional, cross ownership, cross-industry, even transnational operation for production and marketing integration of large or super large group company, western China has advantaged resource advantage of lapis lazuli, old base in the east has the talent, capital, the advantages of the technology, about the two together, can optimize the allocation of resources, improve industrial concentration, enhance competitiveness in the international market.

I don't think just strontium carbonate needs to follow the development of economy, environmental protection principle, the same is true in other products, at the time of economic development, can't forget to protect the environment.

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