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The effect of industrial boric acid what

by:Yixin     2020-11-30
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the kinds of boric acid, borax industry is very popular in our daily life, but some people don't know the role of industrial borax, below small make up explain for everybody, what are the role of industrial boric acid?

the role of industrial boric acid has a lot of, because of its unique properties such as light, flame retardant, heat resistant, high rigid, high strength and catalytic properties, are widely used in light industry, building materials industry, electrical industry, chemical industry, electronic industry, metallurgy industry, medicine industry and nuclear power industry and other various industries.

boric acid as bactericide used for the production of boric acid soap, can improve the gloss and whiteness of the fabric, can also be used for fireproof fiber insulation materials and flame retardants and drift after lotion, mordant, finishing agent, etc. Boric acid, borax and metal plating electrolyte compositions and additives.

boric acid is one of the important components of enamel, ceramic glaze, can make the enamel has excellent heat resistant abrasion resistance, can strengthen luster, improve whiteness and robustness.

boric acid is for external use, can be used to prevent pain and disinfection, used for pain relief and disinfectants, such as & other Ice boron powder & throughout; Is oral cavity ulcer medicine.

boracic acid and calcium borate used in the production of alkali-free glass fiber, is generating set of insulating materials.

in the inorganic chemical industry, boric acid is the basic raw material for making all kinds of inorganic boron compounds, so called the boron compounds, maternal products.

boric acid in the nuclear power industry also has many USES. In some of the pressurized water reactor, the use of nuclear grade boric acid as a general neutron sex and capture. But the high purity of boric acid.

what are the role of industrial boric acid? If you have any questions, can consulting our online customer service, they will be detailed answers for you.

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