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The eu may be heavy tax on Chinese solar panel glass | should be xin information | well xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-11

on April 11 (Reuters) Singapore united morning post network reported that the eu has been prepared to provide Chinese solar ( The battery) Board using glass in huge duties. The European Union, said Chinese products get illegal subsidies, and sold at unfairly low prices, constitutes a threat to European manufacturers.

according to the BBC quoted Reuters reported that the European solar ( The battery) Plate glass market value of nearly 200 million euros, in 2012 the eu imports from China as a proportion of the total of 29 billion euros. But as a result of pressure from the European producers, the European Union must challenge for China and its exporters.

Germany photovoltaic products giant GMB company complained that the Chinese manufacturers production capacity is 2 times of global demand for this product. After that, the eu began to Chinese solar ( The battery) Investigation of plate glass.

according to eu sources said that the eu 28 member states of the tariff policy support in most countries.

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