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The fluorine sodium silicate factory of the fluorine utilization Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-09

fluorine sodium silicate is a common fluorosilicate varieties, is a widely applied in industrial production, utilization of fluorine fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer in China is very low, has resulted in the production of sodium fluosilicate manufacturer on the low side.

the main reason for the low fluorine sodium silicate factory production in our country is low fluorine escape rate and absorption effect is poor, there are many kinds of reason, the first is that mixed control is too high, the output into the belt material layer thickness, the serious influence the fluorine escape; And uneven mixing of fluorine sodium silicate factory production, output fluctuations caused by fluoride absorption effect is poor, cause severe fluctuation of fluorosilicic acid concentration.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer is considering cooler cycle congestion, caused by mixing the two complex acid temperature is too high, the mixer reflect too violent, on the one hand, fluoride gas escape mixer, cause unorganized emissions, on the other hand lead to absorption system of temperature is too high, also can lead to serious fluorine transgression.

the concentration of sodium fluosilicate volatility, poor quality, can also lead to the low rate of fluorine, at present, the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers have been change this situation, and have been able to see the effect.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to improve the utilization rate of fluorine and to increase the yield of sodium fluosilicate, to upgrading of production equipment, strengthen the absorption operation, the stable concentration of sodium fluosilicate, improve the quality of the fluorine sodium silicate, to some extent, the fluorine sodium silicate factory has made great progress.

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