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The gap between alumina manufacturers at home and abroad

by:Yixin     2021-01-05

in recent years, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, production technology and equipment of alumina factory level enhances unceasingly, but compared with developed countries, technology of alumina factory in China still has certain gap.

foreign alumina factory equipment toward large-scale, automation, energy conservation, such as large volume high-pressure stripping machine, large mechanical agitation flat decomposition groove, large diameter red mud settling tank, the development and application of the large area of evaporator. Equipment of large alumina manufacturers to develop in the direction of large-scale and series.

foreign manufacturer of alumina production process enhancement and energy saving technical level is higher, it is a crucial issue in the process of alumina production, greatly save the cost, to the utilization rate of raw materials is higher.

domestic alumina in the process of production of alumina, alumina production cost is higher, the production of large energy consumption, process relative to foreign was complicated, relatively small, the production efficiency is lower, the production technology level, in recent years, the manufacturer of alumina in China through the introduction of foreign advanced technology has had the very big progress, but based on the many considerations such as environmental protection, security, manufacturers abroad alumina factory in China still have a distance.

alumina manufacturers in China also needs to make persistent efforts, to improve the utilization of bauxite further, more knowledge of alumina factory, the appropriate consulting Shanghai xin chemical industry!

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