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The impact of boric acid on domestic boric acid - in Russia Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-17

said to the quality of the boric acid, generally all value only the main content of boric acid index, thus ignoring the boric acid quality is very important in impurity index, index of these impurities for the purpose of the boric acid is a very important relationship.

on the production line, a lot of boric acid manufacturer also tend to be the main content of boric acid as judges whether the standard of qualified products, but seven indicators of boric acid product as long as there is do not conform to the requirements of the unqualified products. This, Russia is more excellent than domestic boric acid boric acid, it is because the Russian boric acid manufacturers have high demands on this aspect.

Russia boric acid since entering the China market, its sales have been rising, gradually domestic boric acid will lose the competitive advantage, Russian boric acid in also indirectly promote the development of the domestic boric acid, a lot of gradually realize homebred the shortcoming of boric acid, boric acid manufacturer is improving step by step.

the quality problem of the boric acid is domestic boric acid that the root cause of the lack of international competitiveness of our country of boric acid manufacturer in order to enlarge the application field of domestic boric acid, improve its competitiveness, it is necessary to attach great importance to scientific and technological progress and quality management, through increased investment in science and technology, improve the production conditions, improve the level of production and management, achieve the goal of improving product quality.

Russia boric acid significantly superior to domestic boric acid, this is beyond dispute, domestic boric acid is improving step by step, looking forward to domestic boric acid to occupy the market one day.

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