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The importance of strontium carbonate

by:Yixin     2020-11-18

strontium carbonate is a kind of important industrial raw material, widely used in the production of the tube, monitors, industrial monitors, electronic components, such as preparation metal strontium and strontium carbonate is the main raw material for a variety of strontium salt. In recent years, large screen color TV, color monitors for computer use, such as high performance magnetic materials, the demand for high purity strontium carbonate is increasing. Developed countries such as Japan, the United States, Germany, the strontium production vein depletion, rising energy costs, environmental pollution, etc. , production decline year by year.

according to statistics, China has engaged in more than 20 enterprises engaged in carbonate production, the total annual capacity has reached the 28. 90000 tons, becoming the world's largest carbonate gill producer and consumer, and exported to all over the world and enjoy high reputation in the international market. According to customs statistics, our country in recent years, export quantity of silver carbonate are: 7, 2003. 870000 tons, 2004, 9. 80000 tons, 2005 n. 30000 tons, accounts for the total 34, respectively. 25%, 36. 8%, 39. 7%, 52 of the international trade market. 5% and 54. 7%, 57. 8%. Carbonate inscription of the main raw materials lapis lazuli is the shortage of minerals in the world, is a rare mineral of nonrenewable resources.

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