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The industrial technology development direction of the alumina factory - in our country Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-06

the purpose of the alumina is very wide, can be used as all kinds of refractory and abrasive materials, also can be used in the production of the modern large scale integrated circuit substrates, alumina factory also has been updated in production process, it has very broad development prospects.

alumina factory has proved temporarily bauxite resources in China is high silicon type bauxite. After decades of research and development in our country, temporarily for production technology of alumina factory and bayer process is soda-lime sintering production methods. But this method is tedious, production of alumina factory in the further optimization of the production process,

from the perspective of bauxite resources in China, the production technology of alumina manufacturers to adopt more is soda-lime sintering process, bayer process part of the hybrid method technical level is relatively low, high pressure leaching is directly heated, steam rate is higher, low capacity of the equipment.

nowadays, alumina factory key research direction is to improve the leaching temperature, using indirect heating continuous leaching or pipelining indirect heating technique and of high efficiency evaporation equipment research.

alumina factory in our country should focus on study from other than the problem of extracting alumina bauxite raw materials, according to the distribution and the reserves of bauxite and the policy of national economic development and the need for comprehensive analysis, test all kinds of production process, is the basic method of developing I bauxite.

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