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The intermittent method of saving energy and reducing consumption - fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-22

sodium fluorosilicate in industry is very important, but the normal production of fluorine sodium silicate in the energy consumption is very high, so the factory also needs to improve its mode of production, using the best production technology for saving energy and reducing consumption.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer in the process of production, as a result of the fluorine sodium silicate crystallization speed is too fast, so in a very short period of time will produce a large number of irregular small crystals, in the centrifugal separation filter cloth, into the collection pool, the need for dealing with on a regular basis; Centrifuge vibration often at the same time, the temperature of the drive motor is too high, dry effect is bad, make the drying processes of energy consumption has increased a lot.

at the same time, raw material consumption in fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer production index exceeded design value, the quality of the product is poor, agglomeration is very serious, it also increases the fluorine sodium silicate factory energy loss.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer production by batch method, gradually increase the amount of salt and acid, found that as industrial salt and lower quality than fluosilicate, slurry filtration separation performance has a certain improvement, the output of the single slot in improving.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers will also be the addition of salt and acid method was improved, optimization of crystallization, makes into the crystallizer acid concentration is stable, at the same time increased the fluorine sodium silicate buffer tank.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer through technology improvement, found the fluorine sodium silicate in the production of a variety of measures of saving energy and reducing consumption, alkaline speed is reduced, makes the device output, product processing performance, tend to be good.

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