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The international supply situation of alumina factory - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-24

recently, alumina market changes, both at home and abroad the status of the supply shortage of alumina, alumina and abroad shortage more serious, there are people think that China will gradually become a net exporter of alumina.

at present, three foreign manufacturer of alumina production is restricted, alumina supply shortages in the world. Some of the alumina factory due to the environmental issues have been ordered to cut production or even stop production, capacity recovery time has not yet been determined, alumina factory also in communication and negotiation with local government, looking forward to have good connection.

some time ago, in the three places in Australia the strike phenomenon, Alcoa alumina factory production manufacturer quickly assemble temporary take over for production, the production efficiency a brief decline, combined with the union failed to and alumina manufacturers to reach the consensus of opinion, currently still in the stage of negotiations. There have been news, overseas alumina market have been affected.

the battle between each country also affects the production of alumina, alumina factory production of products of foreign sales also have certain obstacles, for between countries have affected alumina import and export.

the production of alumina factory directly influenced by national macro, its sales and import and export also influenced by the macro, alumina factory production in our country is relatively high.

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