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The main reason of high energy consumption of the alumina factory - in our country Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-30

at present, our country alumina factory mainly using bayer process, sintering process and mixture combination. the to produce alumina, but due to the relatively backward production technology, has caused the higher energy consumption.

alumina factory high energy consumption in China is mainly embodied in the following aspects:

a production process. Manufacturer of alumina with sintering process and the methods of mixture combination. the is given priority to, the overall energy consumption is on the high side, dissolution and decomposition of concentration is the important reason for the high energy consumption.

two cycle efficiency, and low productivity certain jobs. Alumina factory after the dissolution of pulp is higher, affect the dissolution and decomposition process of output.

three key working procedure in the process of alumina manufacturers energy gap is big. For example, some alumina factory still with direct steam heating and natural circulation mother liquor evaporation technology, sintering material reduced ratio can lead to high energy consumption per unit of production.

4 key poor equipment, low operation rate. Many of the alumina factory equipment is old, lead to low efficiency and capacity also, high power consumption. The hardware is urgent updates.

five production in the process of heat energy utilization rate is low. Mainly contains the utilization rate of fuel, heat transfer efficiency, waste heat utilization and insulation measures, etc.

alumina factory to thoroughly solve the problem of high energy consumption, needs to be fundamentally solved, dominated by the production process, update is complementary to hardware.

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