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The main technical points of aluminum hydroxide soda-lime sintering process

by:Yixin     2020-12-17

soda lime calcining aluminum hydroxide in the main technological achievement is: in the clinker burning formula, using low alkali ratio in the clinker dissolution process using secondary grinding and low molecular ratio solutions, to inhibit the dissolution of the adverse event losses, Na2O and Al2O3 in the clinker dissolution rate up to 94 ~ 96% and 92 ~ 94%, respectively, you know this method? The following will see together.

1, is suitable for the treatment of high silicon bauxite, bauxite, sodium carbonate and lime mixture by certain proportion, burn formed in rotary kiln by sodium aluminate ( Na2O. 氧化铝) , iron, sodium, Na2O. Fe2O3, the original calcium silicate ( 2CaO. SiO2) And sodium titanate ( 曹。 Clinker composed of TiO2. Then using dilute alkali dissolution clinker in the sodium aluminate solution. The iron sodium acid hydrolysis of NaOH into the solution; 2, if dissolution conditions control properly, the original calcium silicate will not react with sodium aluminate solution in large quantity, and calcium titanate, Fe2O3. H2O, etc from red mud. Dissolution of clinker is specially the desilication process of sodium aluminate solution, sodium aluminosilicate hydrate SiO2O formation ( Called sodium silicon slag) 3 cao or hydrated garnet. Al2O3xSiO2. ( 6-2x) Precipitation (H2O The x≈ 0. 1) , and make the solution purification.

that is appropriate of Shanghai xin chemical industry of aluminum hydroxide soda-lime sintering, the introduction of the main technical points, more consultation, welcome to contact appropriate xin chemical industry.

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