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The manufacturer of alumina on the fine alumina development in our country

by:Yixin     2020-12-18

in the porcelain glaze production of alumina, iron and steel smelting, etc. There is a lot of use in industrial production, can also be used to manufacture all kinds of refractory materials, high purity alumina can be used in the production of synthetic corundum and rubies.

because of fine alumina technology content high, wide application field, product variety, is conducive to environmental protection, etc, are widely used in refractory materials, ceramics, petroleum chemical industry, electronics, building and rubber and other fields, factory production of alumina fine alumina in China started late, most of the high-end products are dependent on imports for a long time, often by foreign enterprise technology blockade, price monopoly and other factors.

alumina factory in our country combining the ore used in the production of fine alumina and the performance of the product requirements, gradually developed the unique production process, through the production process of the above technical bottlenecks, and can undertake industrialized mass production, to fill the gaps in the domestic fine alumina production process, improve the level of the domestic alumina technology.

alumina in China manufacturers to develop the new technology of fine alumina series, products cover as many as 120 varieties, at the same time to complete the industrialization promotion, broke the monopoly of foreign enterprise technology, has a great role in promoting the development of domestic alumina, showing a thriving scene.

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