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The manufacturer of alumina production cost analysis - the parts Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-22

usually, our country is the cost of the total costs of the alumina factory according to the product during the manufacturing costs plus enterprise calculated cost estimation, and the foreign alumina factory is calculated according to the operating costs.

in India is given priority to with red clay type sanshui diaspore bauxite resources, production method for bayer process, India's alumina factory production cost is the lowest, the alumina production accounts for about 5% of the world's total output.

Australia region is rich in bauxite, alumina factory in Australia technological process is simple, low energy consumption, its body ga ha? Cost is higher than that of India, is the largest country in the alumina production in the world at present, 28% of world output.

the Latin American manufacturer of alumina are mainly concentrated in countries such as Brazil, Jamaica and the cost of production is in the third world, alumina production accounts for about 21% of the world's total output.

China's hard diaspore bauxite is mainly the undissolved monohydrate, the production cost is relatively high, the production method is more for the sintering process and the method of joint, manufacturer of alumina production process is long, high energy consumption, production accounting for about 12% of the world.

alumina manufacturers around the world has been improved both in the alumina production process, the production cost of alumina manufacturers believe that the future will become more and more low. Shanghai appropriate xin chemical industry, import alumina supply Australia, need to contact us as soon as possible, look forward to cooperation with you.

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