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The overall plan of sodium nitrate manufacturers for process improvement Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-16

sodium nitrate is colorless transparent or white microstrip yellow diamond crystals, agglomerate belongs to the normal phenomenon, sodium nitrate manufacturers of sodium nitrate in China has two kinds of production methods of soda ash production and borax.

sodium nitrate factory has been in ways to improve the quality of products in sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate manufacturer to raise the proportion of raw material liquid absorption process, maximum limit reduce the steam consumption of the products.

sodium nitrate factory in China to absorb the domestic newest technology double negative pressure evaporation, negative pressure evaporation and cooling crystallization three times, the steam condensed water closed recycling technologies such as the production process of waste heat recycling, makes the energy consumption in the process of production to a minimum.

in order to improve the quality and quantity of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrate manufacturer economic benefits, the evaporation and crystallization process of steam for two or three times in condensing heat recovery, and will contain two condensate for soluble alkali sodium products, fully realized the closed-circuit circulation of water use, to the full use of energy.

at present, in the process of the sodium nitrate manufacturers or serious pollution to the environment, environmental problems must be noticed, sodium nitrate, manufacturer prior to optimize production process, try to recycle of waste can be recycled can recycle and to reduce the emissions standards before discharge.

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