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The poisoning prevention measures - fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-19

sodium fluosilicate opal agent are widely used as glass, enamel fluxing agent and so on, also used in the production of other raw materials of fluoride, sodium fluosilicate itself is toxic, caused in the production and application of pollution and poisoning phenomenon also happen from time to tome.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers in the production process, the essential is to prepare sodium fluosilicate poisoning prevention measures. First of all, the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer to popularize the knowledge of the prevention, employees will from time to time on sodium fluosilicate poisoning hazards such as training, improve the management of enterprises, the understanding to the practitioners of fluorine sodium silicate products.

second, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers to set up the corresponding gas detection device, once the workshop in emergency warning, immediately start the emergency measures, to deal with leakage of fluorine sodium silicate.

then, for storage, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer or attaches great importance to and fluorine sodium silicate factory packed in bag or woven bag, lined with polyethylene plastic bag inside, or directly packed in iron drum, stored in ventilated, dry warehouse, also not and other corrosive or acids material storage, storage process notice moistureproof, etc.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer to establish and improve the corresponding contingency plan step by step, to strictly control the product, update and check of the equipment on a regular basis, the provisions will be implemented.

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