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The preparation of sodium fluosilicate factory system Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-19

it is well known that fluorine sodium silicate is the largest building, building materials industries use fluorosilicate varieties, dosage is so great that the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers are under challenge, so sodium fluosilicate manufacturer also upgrade to the preparation of sodium fluosilicate system improvement.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers to provide a new type of sodium fluosilicate preparation system, including through the pipeline to connect the molten salt tank, storage tank brine, crystallizer, centrifuge, settling tank, etc. Including fluorine sodium silicate of molten salt tank manufacturers to improve the sodium sulfate solution by salt water pump to the salt water in the storage tank, in the heart of the crystallizer mixture, after the settlement.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers to improve the preparation of system structure is simple, affordable, able to met the demand to the industrial fluorine sodium silicate is prepared. The whole process is simple, save a lot of spending for fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer also in preparation of the system to add all kinds of charging valve and emptying valve, integration of the operating system is much simple.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer has been working hard to improve production and preparation system, and achieved certain results, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers for the production of multi-purpose fluorine sodium silicate is still in preparation system has been improved.

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