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The process condition of boric acid industry in China - is outlined Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-08

boric acid in the industry in China started in the middle of the last century 50 s, more than 50 years has developed rapidly. By the end of 2005, production capacity has reached 110000 tons level, basic can meet the national economic construction and people's living needs of boron products. At present, the production methods can be divided into two step and step method. It should be said that our country's industrial boric acid first starts with the two step. Two-step process is after the pretreatment of mineral powder with soda ash, CO2 response, industrial borax was first, and then with sulfuric acid or nitric acid solution of borax, the acidification industrial boric acid, a by-product of glauber's salt or sodium nitrate. Sulfuric acid method process due to the raw material price and production cost, the influence of such factors as has not adopted. In recent years, along with the rise in demand for sodium nitrate and prices rose, nitrate method technology rapid development, has become the mainstream of the two-step process. Other process methods, such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, producyion, sodium borate, ion exchange method and so on, more current is limited to the research category, industrial use almost didn't get.

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