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The process improvements - of potash manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-24

aiming at the existing problem of potash in desulfurization, potash manufacturer to take corresponding measures to improve and guarantee the absorption effect of desulfurization and regeneration effect, stabilized the desulfurization production.

potash manufacturer optimization of process operation, decrease the temperature of the desulfurization absorption. In potash production equipment by adding back flush valve on the cooler, cooler of barren solution back flush, enhancing the effect of barren solution cooler.

potash manufacturers in order to strengthen the management of water quality, reduces the acid temperature degrees. Of the acid gas condensate cooler cleaning maintenance, to ensure the summer acid gas condensation effect. Optimizing system of water quality, ensure the acid gas condensate cooler can be efficient operation for a long time.

potash producer in soft water in the vacuum pump, update working liquid in the vacuum pump, add soft water regularly to gas-liquid separator, gas-liquid separator for cleaning. Realization of long period stable operation of the vacuum pump, it is also very important step for potash producer.

potash producer to optimize original design improvement, reduced the acid gas pipeline resistance, acid gas pipelines for transformation of vacuum pump at the same time, solved the difficult problem of restricting regenerator vacuum degree.

potash producer take a series of measures to solve the potash desulfurization process of a series of problems existing in the operation process, improve the efficiency of the potassium carbonate factory production, save a lot of cost for the enterprise.

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