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The production technology condition of boric acid manufacturer in China Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-31

rapid development of boric acid manufacturer in China, mainly depends on the improvement of national life. Now the main production methods of boric acid boric acid manufacturers in China is two step and step method.

boric acid boric acid manufacturers in fact is not as simple, people want to take, for instance, one step method at present, the technological level of our country is still relatively low, there were a lot of problems not completely solved, mainly is the problem the yield and the comprehensive utilization of mother liquor.

although domestic many of boric acid has been studying boride new production processes, but or products to be too futuristic, disconnect and near, medium-term market; Color is overweight, or theory and actual production distance is larger, ignored the reality of boron industry technical needs, so that the technology has become the economic benefit is the main reason for restricting our boric acid manufacturer.

boric acid industry in China has developed rapidly, and by the end of 2010, China's production of boric acid has been basically can meet the needs of national economic construction.

about manufacturer of boric acid using two-step process, two-step Mr Mainly produce borax, then to preparation of boric acid acidification. Two-step process will produce large amounts of byproduct in the process. Production by sulfuric acid process under the influence of raw material prices, is now not much use. Now became the mainstream method of nitric acid production process, which mainly depends on the growth of demand for its by-product sodium nitrate.

the boric acid manufacturer has yet to be further development of our country, on the one-step and two-step need further perfect, looking forward to further upgrading of production technology.

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