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The properties of high boron glass

by:Yixin     2020-12-03

high borosilicate glass using the raw materials are: quartz sand, SiO2) , borax, Na2B4O7· 10H2O) , high purity boric acid ( H3BO3) , sodium nitrate, NaNO3) , aluminum hydroxide ( Al( 哦) 3) , salt, NaCl) And fluorine sodium silicate ( Na2SiF6) And broken glass, etc. Glass making process is divided into five stages: the formation of silicate, glass formation, clarification, homogenization and cooling.

the properties of high borosilicate glass, can have very low thermal expansion coefficient, and good thermal stability. Great hardness, good abrasion resistance, only a quarter of the abradability of general glass in the same conditions, the surface damage of the products is small, long service life. High thermal conductivity, corrosion due to the high borosilicate glass will not be generated oxide film, so its thermal performance is high.

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