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The purpose of the borax

by:Yixin     2020-04-04
Mainly used for glass and enamel industry. In the glass, can enhance the transmittance of the uv light, improve the transparency of the glass and heat resistance. In enamel products, can make the enamel is not easy to fall off and make its have burnish. In special optical glass, glass fiber, welding agent for non-ferrous metal, jewelry, adhesive, printing and dyeing, washing ( Silk and wool, etc. ) , gold of refined soap, cosmetics, pesticide, fertilizer, borax, preservatives, antifreeze and medical disinfectant, etc, also have a wide range of applications. Borax is the basic raw material for making boron compounds, almost all the boron compound can be made by borax. In metallurgy, steel, machinery, military industry, cutting tools, paper making, electronic, chemical industry and textile, and other departments have important and widely used. In medicine, borax used for disinfection of skin mucous membrane anticorrosive, skeletal fluorosis, athlete's foot, pulpitis, mould sex vaginitis and cervical erosion, bed sores, acne, concha eczema, herpes viral skin diseases, the treatment of epilepsy, for the treatment of tumor. In animal medicine, borax to chicken laryngotracheitis, goats contagious impetigo, cattle, pigs, mycoplasma pneumonia treatment for chronic mucus temperament intrauterine membrane inflammation, as feed additives has been the attention of people. For herbicides, for non farming area sterilant weeding, in addition to the used alone, with a mixture of sodium chlorate, in order to reduce the flammability of sodium chlorate. In industry, borax as the most important industrial boron minerals. Borax is the most important of boron compounds. Boron in a foreign country has often been listed as a rare element, but in our country is rich in borax mine, therefore, boron in our country is not a rare element, but the productive elements. Borax in industry are also used as solid lubricant in metal wire drawing, etc. In the fridge, freezer, air conditioning refrigeration equipment, such as welding repair often as ( Inactive) Flux is used to purify the metal surface. Clear the oxide on the metal surface; Add a percentage of sodium chloride in borax. Sodium fluoride, potassium chloride and other compounds can be used as active flux in refrigeration equipment in the copper pipe and welded steel pipe, steel pipe and steel pipe.
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