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The purpose of the boric acid solution

by:Yixin     2020-12-04

boric acid solution is also used as a topical microbicide, antiseptic, astringent and antiseptic. For a variety of bacteria, mould have inhibition. Principle is that it can combine with the bacterial protein amino and play a role. Can be used for the skin, mucous membrane, the wound, oral, vaginal, such as the bladder washing disinfection, can also be used for ear infections, burns, burns, eczema, etc.

boric acid solution has bacteriostatic antiphlogistic effect, can do wet apply skin irritation. Use wet apply 3% boric acid solution, 3 - daily Five times, each time 10 minutes. With towel or apply face, face towel stained with 3% boric acid water swelling faded red effect is very good price cheap, and no side effects.

boric acid solution in the freezer refrigeration effect is better also if the early eyes swollen enter to apply the eye effect is very obvious from the match.

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