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The recrystallization process of products - sodium nitrate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-07

sodium nitrate is white or colorless transparent crystal diamond, is an important inorganic chemical raw materials, and plays an important role in many industrial production of sodium nitrate manufacturers, to the attention of the production process is also special recrystallization in sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate manufacturer adopted many measures to improve the quality of sodium nitrate.

one-step process in the production of sodium nitrate in ammonium chloride can completely do not contain sodium nitrate crystallization, but inevitably with ammonium chloride in sodium nitrate crystallization, only through recrystallization method to get contains no crystallization of sodium nitrate, ammonium chloride which is manufacturer of sodium nitrate must go process.

sodium nitrate factory in recrystallization, if water as solvent, can not fully achieve their goals, this is because the solubility of sodium chloride to a minimum, while the content of chlorine in the solution is not high, but the content of sodium is high, when heated, water will come out first analysis of sodium chloride. Obviously, this approach is the purification of sodium chloride, instead of sodium nitrate.

therefore, sodium nitrate factory best mother liquor for recrystallization, because the mother liquor of sodium and the content of nitrate have reached saturation, add sodium nitrate dissolved by heating, the crystallization of after cooling can all come out. Eutectoid may arise because of ammonium chloride, therefore, sodium nitrate manufacturers need to control the terminal temperature is higher than the terminal temperature of crystallization let stand.

sodium nitrate manufacturers adopt the recrystallization method with conventional methods can not achieve the conversion of reaction, but also loop method incomparable advantage, but need to further the implementation of the mechanization application.

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