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The related characteristics of water disposal reagents you know

by:Yixin     2020-04-13
Water treatment reagent is environmental governance has great help to us a potion, many chemical plants, sewage treatment equipment all need to use our water treatment agent. Then its related features we understand? In the process of oilfield wastewater treatment, due to the oil field sewage water suspended solids, oil content, bacteria, corrosion and fouling characteristics, in the process of treatment process need to add a certain amount of water treatment chemicals for auxiliary treatment, so as to achieve the goal of oilfield sewage purification. The water treatment chemicals are: lime milk, flocculant, coagulant aid, hydrogen peroxide. 1 # reagent use of lime milk, ingredient for Ca ( 哦) 2 suspension, mainly composed of quick lime preparation for 2 # reagent flocculant with alkaline environment. 2 # agent main ingredients for polymerization aluminum, aluminum sulfate, ferrous sulfate, main effect is to the particles in the water and colloidal particles form coarse flocculation body. 3 # reagent for polyacrylamide and its main effect is suspended the coarse grain of flocculation, adsorption to form large flocculation body, accelerate the settlement of particles in suspension, speed up the solution of clarification. 4 # reagent hydrogen peroxide, and its main function is to ferrous iron oxidized to ferric iron, reduce the number one drug use, also is to reduce the addition amount of Ca2 +, adjust the PH value of cyclone separator exports, at the same time make the cyclone separator in PH 7. About 0. These features of water disposal reagents decided it can provide good results for our environmental governance, has made a show of it as a tool what is the working principle of environmental protection.
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