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The research status of barium carbonate manufacturers of products - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-08

barium carbonate is hexagonal fine crystals or white powder, has an important effect on industry, widely used in glass ceramics and magnetic materials, barium carbonate manufacturers has been improve product performance, and expand the application scope of barium carbonate.

barium carbonate has a strong radiation shielding ability, thus in the CRT color TV and computer join barium carbonate, can effectively absorb x-rays, etc. , have very good protection effect to human body, is now widely used in televisions and computers. Some research of high purity barium carbonate, barium carbonate manufacturer can be used for miniaturization of capacitor production, its purity needs to reach 99. 99%.

barium carbonate have excellent magnetic properties, barium carbonate is added in the ferrite, can improve the magnetic properties, the purity of the barium carbonate is used as magnetic materials is higher.

barium carbonate is used in ceramic industry, the main purpose of barium carbonate is used in the ceramic industry generally heavy barium carbonate, adding barium carbonate in ceramic industry can effectively reduce the porosity and bubble, improve the ceramic translucency, increase the thermal expansion coefficient. In the structural ceramics using barium carbonate powder, can improve the hardness of ceramic tile.

in the glass manufacturing industry, adding barium carbonate can effectively improve the quality of the glass, making glass refractive index is higher, the hardness is greater. In the production of optical glass, its main raw material is barium oxide, and barium carbonate is an important source of it.

still in the development of many kinds of barium carbonate, barium carbonate manufacturer produce in water treatment, can be applied in rubber, automobile and other industries, improve product quality of barium carbonate.

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